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Gold Columbia Teapot

The exquisite Gold Columbia teapot with its elegant, traditional shape is crafted from fine bone china offering superior strength, silky white colour and beautiful translucency which perfectly contrasts with the intricate hand lined 22 carat gold detail of the famous Columbia pattern. The mythical winged dragons in mirrored pairs blend with the typically English floral motifs and delicate border designs making this a wonderfully embellished, truly luxurious teapot. Presented in a striking black and gold box, each piece in this limited-edition collection is back stamped in gold and black to commemorate the 260th Anniversary of Wedgwood and comes complete with a gift card. The teapot makes a truly special gift to enjoy and treasure, celebrating the very essence of Wedgwood's rich heritage and that most English of traditions, tea drinking.

Height: 13.3cm
Width: 23.3cm
Depth: 15.7cm
Dishwasher Safe: Yes
Microwave Safe: No
Is In Gift Box: Yes
Type: Teapot