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Wonderlust Yellow Tonquin - Herbal Blend Tea

The Wonderlust Yellow Tonquin ??Herbal Blend Tea comes from a curated, multi-sensory range of invigorating tea blends that evoke thoughts of exotic places. Taking it's inspiration from Xiaolan in China, known as the 'City of Chrysanthemums', this blend invigorates the senses with ingredients from the garden. Herbs, basil, citrus peels, and beautiful chrysanthemum flowers create a caffeine-free tea blend. A dash of Echinacea uplifts the body for care free days. Enjoy hot or iced - 100°c then brew for 5 minutes.

Name: Wonderlust Yellow Tonquin ??Herbal Blend Tea
Collection: Wonderlust
Type: Flavoured herbal
Origin: Jiangsu Province, China
Ingredients: Herbal flavour; herbs, basil, citrus
Flavour Profile: Herbal with flavour of basil and citrus plus a dash of echinacea

Height: 20cm
Width: 9cm?
Depth: 5cm
Weight: 24g
Type: Tea