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Wonderlust Rococo Flowers - White Blend Tea

The Wonderlust Rococo Flowers ??White Blend Tea comes from a curated, multi-sensory range of invigorating tea blends that evoke thoughts of exotic places. Inspired by the French??¢s ideal of grace and feminine beauty, this white tea blend is laced with rare ingredients like bamboo leaves and Asian ginger galangal for its sweet nuances. Perfumed with gentle floral notes of orange blossoms and ylang ylang for finishing touches. Enjoy hot or cold - 80°c, then brew for 2 minutes.

Name: Wonderlust Rococo Flowers ??White Blend Tea
Collection: Wonderlust
Type: Flavoured white blend
Origin: France
Ingredients: White tea, ginger, bamboo leaves
Flavour Profile: Fragrant with notes of orange blossoms and ylang ylang, plus Asian ginger galangal

Height: 20cm?
Width: 9cm
Depth: 5cm
Weight: 24g
Type: Tea