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Wonderlust Blue Pagoda - Oolong Blend Tea

The Wonderlust Blue Pagoda ??Oolong Blend Tea comes from a curated, multi-sensory range of invigorating tea blends that evoke thoughts of exotic places. Let your imagination wander to the shores of the orient with a tea of serenity to welcome you; with oolong, jasmine blossoms, lotus flowers and a touch of ripe green mango. It promises to captivate with each sip. Enjoy hot or cold - 90°c then brew for 3 minutes.

Name: Wonderlust Blue Pagoda ??Oolong Blend Tea
Collection: Wonderlust
Type: Herbal blend
Origin: Japan
Ingredients: Oolong, Asian mango and lotus flowers
Flavour Profile: Herbal and soothing oolong with jasmine blossoms, floral notes and a touch of mango

Height: 20cm
Width: 9cm
Depth: 5cm
Weight: 24g
Type: Tea