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Wedgwoood Setting Your Christmas Table



Are you hosting your family and friends this Christmas and looking to create a beautiful setting to remember? We have some Christmas table décor ideas that will help you create an elegant and magical festive atmosphere for your guests, each one designed to make your hosting duties as stress-free as possible, so you can relax, join in the celebrations and enjoy the day.

Wedgwood Winter White - Festive Elegance


The key to the perfect place setting for your Christmas dinner table is simplicity and planning. Your traditional Christmas lunch or dinner is made up of many dishes and, when served together, the table can quickly start to get a little cluttered. There are many styling tricks to maximise the space on your Christmas table and ensure the overall look feels relaxed and elegant. One of the easiest to master is layering and to be successful you just need to be thoughtful about the way you combine items and patterns:

1. Layer your place settings with two pieces – depending on your choice of first course you will only need a small plate or bowl, in most cases you don’t need both. This reduces the amount of tableware on the table and creates much more space to experiment with placing the centrepieces, cutlery, napkins, lighting and of course the most important part, food!

2. Mix and match – to create a Christmas dinner table that is beautifully festive but also has a very relaxed and social feel, we recommend mixing classic white collections with statement pieces. Statement pieces with gold or silver accents such as plates, bowls, serving bowls, teacup and saucers, or even a cake stand, adds a festive sparkle to your tablescape.

3. Create depth with texture – using tableware that has a combination of textures adds visual interest and impacts the way we see a space. Even when creating the simplest of settings by choosing different embossed finishes and textures you can easily change the mood of the space.

Wedgwood Winter White - How to Layer at Christmas


When it comes to creating a beautiful Christmas table centrepiece, there are so many options to choose from depending on your decoration theme; wreaths, statement vases, floral arrangements, gardlands, candle arrangements – the list goes on. A really thoughtful and unexpected centrepiece is to make a striking dessert and present it to your guests after the main course, your very own culinary masterpiece that doubles up as a fabulous centrepiece. We think a delicious Pavlova adds a lovely homely touch to the Christmas table decor and means that you don’t have to spend too much time making a centrepiece and dessert – both are done in one!

We love this Pavlova recipe from the BBC Food website.

Decorating your table setting for Christmas is an opportunity to get creative and style a table that you are proud of, but remember the key is to find a balance so that it doesn’t feel too overcrowded. We love the white on white look with a simple white cotton tablecloth, festive candles lit in decorative ceramic or glass holders to create soft lighting and some carefully placed silver embellishments such as sparkling fairy lights or a crystal garland to add that magical Christmas touch.

Wedgwood Winter White - Turn Your Centrepiece into a Masterpiece


The refined festive feel that we have chosen for our Christmas dinner table setting aims to create a celestial atmosphere. We wanted to keep the space nice and bright whilst also creating a very homely and festive atmosphere. This can be achieved by carefully utilising all your space, choosing the right table décor and thinking about a mixture of mood lighting and natural light.

  • Create a homely feel by ensuring your dining table isn’t alone in the centre of a huge space – invest in an additional Christmas tree or move your main tree into the dining space for the day, a real Christmas tree give the bonus of a beautiful pine scent.
  • A festive floral arrangement is a must – we love including plenty of greenery with foliage such as eucalyptus, ivy and fir combined with white or red flowers.
  • Displaying your favourite nostalgic Christmas decorations and pieces in a display cabinet or on surrounding shelves and furniture for an added festive touch.
  • Special touches to each place setting – we like to use place card holders displaying hand written cards with each guest’s name on to give a personalised feel.
  • Lit candles – lighting candles is always a great way to create a relaxing and cosy atmosphere around the table.
Wedgwood Winter White - Celestial Dining Room Decor